Northern Gulf of Mexico Whale Shark Sighting Survey

Scientists at The University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Research Laboratory in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, maintain a database of whale shark sightings in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Your information is vital to a greater understanding of whale sharks in the region and is greatly appreciated. Please complete the form below.

We're very interested in your photographs of whale sharks, especially underwater photographs. Photographs of whale sharks from their left side are particularly useful for identifying individual animals. Registries of whale sharks use the unique spot patterns on an animal's left side to identify individuals.

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GCRL Whale Shark Contact

  • Jim Franks
    Research Scientist
    (228) 872-4202
    Gulf Coast Research Laboratory
    703 East Beach Drive
    Ocean Springs, MS 39564
    fax - (228) 872-4204

Photos by GCRL, 2006