Resources: Pelagic Sargassum in the Caribbean

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Unprecedented Influx Of Pelagic Sargassum Along Caribbean Island Coastlines During Summer 2011

James S. Franks1, Donald R. Johnson1, Dong S. Ko2, Guillermo Sanchez-Rubio1, J. Read Hendon1, and Mitchell Lay3
1 - The University of Southern Mississippi, Center for Fisheries Research and Development, Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, 703 East Beach Dr., Ocean Springs, Mississippi 39564
2 - Naval Research Laboratory, 1 Stennis Space Center, Stennis Space Center, Mississippi 39529
3 - Coordinator, Caribbean Network of Fisherfolk Organizations, Antigua and Barbuda

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GCRL Sargassum Resources for the Gulf of Mexico

Preliminary Assessment of the Association of Larval Fishes with Pelagic Sargassum Habitat and Convergence Zones in the Northcentral Gulf of Mexico

Bruce H. Comyns, Nicole M. Crochet, James S. Franks, J. Read Hendon, and Richard S. Waller

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Larval and Juvenile Fishes Associated with Pelagic Sargassum in the Northcentral Gulf of Mexico

Eric R. Hoffmayer, James S. Franks, Bruce H. Comnyns, J. Read Hendon, Richard S. Waller

2003 [480 kb]

Investigation of Fishes that Utilize Pelagic Sargassum and Frontal Zone Habitats in Mississippi Marine Waters and the Northcentral Gulf of Mexico

James S. Franks, Eric R. Hoffmayer, Bruce H. Comyns, J. Read Hendon, E. Mae Blake AND Dyan P. Gibson

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