Small Boats for Research Support

Boats are available to GCRL researchers and to certain state, federal and academic partners. A GCRL captain must be used by all external institutions renting a vessel. All users must sign a waiver prior to boat use.

Information and Reservations

For more information or to reserve a boat, contact John Anderson, Research Associate, Center for Fisheries Research and Development.


Usage Fees

Rates shown are for external institutions and include a vessel captain and fuel. All required safety gear is provided. 

Base Rates
Vessel Whole Day ($) Half Day ($)
Gravois I 450 225
Gravois II & III 400 200
Gravois IV 550 275
Carolina Skiffs 400 200

Vessel Details

Trailers are available for all vessels. Vehicle mileage will be charged at the state-approved rate (currently $0.565/mile) if trailering a boat off campus. Gravois IV may not be trailered off campus.

Boat Style Hull Length (ft) Motor (hp) Passengers Winch w/ davit Usage Area
Gravois I Center Console Aluminum 21 225 6 - Offshore/inshore
Gravois II Center Console Aluminum 18 150 5 - Offshore/inshore
Gravois III Center Console Aluminum 19 150 5 - Offshore/inshore
Gravois IV Cabin Aluminum 26 2@225 8 Yes Offshore
Carolina Skiff I Center Console Fiberglass 20 115 6 - Inshore
Carolina Skiff II Center Console Fiberglass 19 115 6 - Inshore