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GCRL Work Order Request

For emergencies, follow the instructions titled, “Emergencies” on the right.

For all non-emergency requests follow the instructions below.  This includes approved/authorized Departmental Service work.  For new, unapproved Departmental Service requests go to Service Fees & Cost Estimates first.

Note:  Cost Estimates/Quotes are time critical and are usually valid for 30-days, since labor and material costs may change.  For older estimates, confirm validity with Physical Plant first.

The Work Control Center will process your request during office hours: 8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Submittal Instructions

  1. Click the Submit Work Order icon, and login by entering your USM credentials as “w+EMPLID” for the user name and the usual CampusID password for access to the work order request form.
  2. Click the link to "Submit Work Request.”
  3. Select the appropriate building from the drop down list.
  4. Complete all required fields on the request form.
  5. If the work required is chargeable to your department, please enter your PeopleSoft budget string.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. You will receive an email indicating your "Request Number."
  8. Work Control Center personnel will accept or decline your Work Request.  You will receive an email indicating receipt, and if accepted a "Work Order Number.”  The Work Order Number may be used to search for this request through the query link and review charges once the job has been closed.

Type of Service

Services are classified into two categories:  Physical Plant Services & Departmental Services.

Physical Plant Services are those for which the Physical Plant receives budget allocation, and therefore are rendered without charge. Examples follow:

  • Emergency Service
    Requests include situations where property and/or life are threatened. Examples include fire, smoke, gas leak, or smell of gas leaks, broken pipes, overflowing toilets, elevator malfunctions with someone on board, or lack of power or conditioned air. For emergencies, follow the instructions titled, “Emergencies” on the right.
  • Event Service
    Requests for Physical Plant services required for one-time, special events (University sponsored events during normal business hours are typically not charged). Examples include setting up of chairs, tents, providing ice, power, etc. Please submit the request minimally a week in advance clearly indicating the purpose of the event, time and dates of event, and any other specialized instructions.
  • Normal Service
    Requests include maintenance and repair needs that commonly occur on a daily basis. Examples include maintenance of doors, locks, windows, office furniture, lighting, painting, etc.

Departmental Services are services rendered to departments, to schools, and/or for activities that have budget allocations to cover these needs, and for which Physical Plant does not receive budget allocation. Examples follow:

  • Alterations to buildings or structures assigned to departments and/or to activities
  • Addition of special equipment, such as, laboratory equipment, venetian blinds, special lighting, etc.
  • Repair work to office furniture in departmental and in agency offices, or repair work to student furniture in classrooms
  • Painting at a time other than that specified in the regular maintenance painting cycle
  • Repair work on laboratory furnishings and special equipment in laboratories and research areas to include water chillers and aquaculture pumps and plumbing fixtures.
  • Repair work on ice machines
  • Servicing of departmental motor vehicles

If you have any questions or experience a problem submitting or searching for a work order, please contact the Work Control Center at 228.818.8008.