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Congratulations on your acceptance to graduate school! Though applicants visit GCRL to interview with their prospective adviser, there is often not enough time to familiarize yourself with the city of Ocean Springs and nearby communities. We want to offer you some information to help get you started for your move to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


Ocean Springs, Mississippi, lies at the heart of the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast on the eastern shore of Biloxi Bay. It's known as the City of Discovery in recognition of the French establishment of a settlement here in 1699. It is a town of 17,000 known as an artistic community. The city is proud of the many nationally recognized painters and potters who call Ocean Springs home and of the more than 100 unique shops, museums, and galleries that support a rich artistic heritage.

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Much of Ocean Springs is within biking distance of GCRL, and the Coast Transit Authority provides local bus transportation. (June 24, 2014 - the Coast Transit Authority website is not available.)