Meet some of our summer camp alumni! Learn about their lifelong love of science!


Shark Fest Camp: 2014 (out of state attendee - Missouri)
College: Moved from Missouri to attend The University of Southern Mississippi
Undergrad Degree: Marine Science (sophomore)
Intern: Audubon Mississippi, Pascagoula, Miss.
Current Position: Research,
Least Tern Nesting Sites

"Ask Plenty of questions and dedicate time to figuring out exactly what aspect of the ocean or the biology of the ocean that interests you the most."



Sea Camp: 1998-2001
College: The University of Southern Mississippi
Undergrad Degree: Interdisciplinary
Studies - Biology and Business management - 2012
Graduate Degree: Master of Logistics- 2017
Employer: USM GCRL Marine Education Center, Ocean Springs, Miss.
Current Position: Marine Education Specialist

"Pay attention in science class!  If you are a hunter and/or fisherman the things you learn in biology class will help you better understand (and enjoy) your hobbies!"



Sea Camp: 1995-1999
College: TheUniversity of Southern Mississippi
Undergrad Degree: Marine Biology
Graduate Degree: Master of Coastal Sciences- 2016
Employer: Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 
Current Position: Lab Manager for
Dr. John Sabo - Stream Ecology 

"Sea Camp teaches you to be a good Steward of the environment. That means it teaches you how to care for the environment. This extends not just to the oceans, but also to your own backyard. We are all connected through watersheds and so what we do in our own neighborhoods can impact the world."