Deer Island Discovery

Learn about the exciting history of Deer Island

Take round trip boat ride to Mississippi’s closest island. Participants gain insight into the history of the coastal preserve, island restoration and coastal ornithology. Deer Island is home to a diverse bird population including shore birds, marsh birds and migrating species traveling the Mississippi Flyway. Learn about coastal ornithology and the role that citizen-science plays in scientific discovery.

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Program Agenda

The program includes a round trip boat ride to Deer Island and is part of the four hours of instruction.

Pre- and post-trip lesson plans, as well as information regarding alignment with state and national science standards, are available upon request.

For questions regarding booking a trip, itineraries and lesson plans, please contact us at or 228.818.8095.

About Deer Island

Deer Island is just off of the Biloxi shore and one of twenty coastal preserves in Mississippi. The island was purchased in 2002 for $17 million dollars with both state and federal funds from the Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Program. The integrity of the island is protected and included in the Coastal Preserves Program under the Wetlands Protection Act. Projects are underway to restore Deer Island since erosion and hurricanes have taken their toll. The island has a rich cultural history and features several Native American archeological sites that date as early as 8,000 B.C.