Marine Education Center

Due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) global health crisis, the Marine Education Center, by following policies set by The University of Southern Mississippi, is canceling all person-to-person educational programming through August 2020 including our summer camps. The University remains open, and our team at the MEC will use this time of disruption to conceive and execute innovative on-line programs that continue our mission of education and outreach for USM's School of Ocean Science and Engineering.


Connecting People with Coastal Sciences and Research

The Marine Education Center (MEC) is the education and outreach arm of
The University of Southern Mississippi’s Gulf Coast Research Laboratory.

The MEC endeavors to enlighten the citizenry to produce a cadre of well informed and knowledgeable stewards of our coastal ecosystems.

The Center supports a career based working environment utilizing formal,
non-formal, free-choice learning and higher education strategies focusing on the coastal ecosystems of the north-central Gulf of Mexico to promote careers in marine sciences and foster community involvement.

Click here to view an interview with Director, Chris Snyder about the new MEC.

Where are we located? Click here for a downloadable pdf.



Osprey Point Interpretative Trail

During a trip to the MEC, plan to see the sights on the universally accessible Osprey Point Interpretative Trail. A walk on the quarter-mile trail guides visitors through different coastal habitats. Breaks in the native plant undergrowth and tree canopy offer framed views of Davis Bayou and tidal marsh habitats. Take the opportunity to cross the MEC pedestrian suspension bridge to observe the natural transition in habitats from forested bayhead to tidal marsh. The site is home to a large population of animals including resident osprey, raccoons, alligators and coastal birds. 

We thank the following organizations for their assistance in designing
and clearing the Osprey Point Interpretative Trail