Wei Wu, Assistant Professor in Landscape Ecology, Gulf Coast Research Laboratory


Wei Wu

Associate Professor in Landscape Ecology

(228) 818-8855



Gulf Coast Research Laboratory
703 East Beach Drive
Ocean Springs, MS 39564

My research interests have centered on ecological resilience through understanding species’ and diverse ecosystems’ response to environmental change at multiple spatial and temporal scales. Specifically, I have mainly worked on 1) modeling forests’ hydrologic and biogeochemical cycles under climate change, air pollution, and land use/land cover (LULC) change, 2) evaluating the impact of sea-level rise and climate change, interacting with episodic oil spill, on spatial distribution of coastal wetlands and their ecosystem services, in particular, carbon sequestration and fishery, 3) assessing the impact of upland LULC on coastal water quality, and 4) modeling species distribution in marine and estuarine systems under climate change.