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Kevin Dillon
Kevin S. Dillon, Ph.D.

228.818.8014 - MERL Lab

Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, Cedar Point site
Marine Environmental Research Laboratory
3600 Gollott Road
Ocean Springs, MS 39564

My main research interest is in the biogeochemical cycling of carbon and nutrients in coastal ecosystems. Currently, I am evaluating the nitrogen dynamics in surface waters of the Mississippi Sound to examine the sources, sinks and bioavailability of the largest nitrogen pool in these waters, dissolved organic nitrogen (DON). Currently, my research group is conducting bacterial growth and respiration experiments to determine whether nitrogen or phosphorus limits heterotrophic bacterial production in Mississippi Sound. Other research interests include the delivery of nutrients, organic matter, and comtaminants by groundwater seepage into coastal waters.  I am also interested in the nitrogen and carbon cycling in closed marine aquaculture systems.