Nancy Brown-Peterson

Nancy Brown-Peterson

Research Scientist

(228) 872-4288
fax: (228) 872-4204

Center for Fisheries Research and Development
Gulf Coast Research Laboratory
The University of Southern Mississippi
703 East Beach Drive
Ocean Springs, MS 39564


My area of expertise is fish reproductive biology.  Much of my research is centered on basic reproductive life history (spawning seasonality, gonadal development, fecundity, spawning frequency) of a variety of marine and freshwater fish species.  Additionally, I am interested in the impact of a variety of natural and anthropogenic stressors on fish reproduction as evaluated in both laboratory studies and in wild-caught fish.  A large portion of my research is based on histological analyses, and I am involved with a team of international scientists focused on emerging technologies and analyses related to the gonadal histology of fishes.

Gonadal Histology of Fishes