Division of Coastal Sciences


Use the links below to access relevant forms. Some forms should be completed by students, while others require completion by your faculty/advisor. Refer to this guide to determine who should submit a particular form. In general, you can find Student Completion Forms or Faculty Completion Forms on the Graduate School website. Always ensure you are using the most recent forms available. 

All forms must be typed (with the exception of signatures). Handwritten forms are not accepted by the Graduate School. Complete forms must be sent electronically to the COA Graduate Program Coordinator (Darcie Graham; Darcie.Graham@usm.edu) and the COA Degree Auditor at the Graduate School (Michael Howell; michael.howell@usm.edu)

Please refer to the Student Resources page, if you have questions regarding any of the forms below. 

Student Completion Forms:

Application for Graduation
Change of Status Form (to declare an emphasis area)
COA Graduate Student Progress Form - MS
COA Graduate Student Progress Form - Ph.D.
Course Retake Form
Graduation Deferment Form
Graduate Committee Request Form
GCRL Student Fees Request Form
Leave of Absence Form

Plan of Study Forms
Example of a Completed Form

General COA Degree (no emphasis area):
Coastal Sciences M.S.

Coastal Sciences Ph.D., (has B.S.)
Coastal Sciences Ph.D., (has M.S.)

COA Emphasis Areas:
Aquaculture M.S.
Aquaculture Ph.D. (has B.S.)
Aquaculture Ph.D. (has M.S.)
Aquatic Health Sciences M.S.
Aquatic Health Sciences Ph.D. (has B.S.)
Aquatic Health Sciences Ph.D. (has M.S.)
Coastal Ecology & Ecosystem Processes M.S.
Coastal Ecology & Ecosystem Processes Ph.D. (has B.S.)
Coastal Ecology & Ecosystem Processes Ph.D. (has M.S.)
Fisheries & Fisheries Oceanography M.S.
Fisheries & Fisheries Oceanography Ph.D. (has B.S.)
Fisheries & Fisheries Oceanography Ph.D. (has M.S.)

Faculty Completion Forms:
*Forms are password protected and for faculty use only. If you need the password, contact Darcie or the graduate school.
Change of Status Form (to change from Conditional to Regular Admission status)
Dismissal Form
Dissertation, Nursing Capstone, & Theses Proposal Approval Form
Results of Comprehensive & Qualifying Exams
Results of Oral Defense for Thesis, Dissertations, and Nursing Capstone
Transfer Credit Approval Form
Revalidation Request Form
Revalidation Verification Form

Budget & Proposal Forms
GCRL-COA F&A Allocation Form (Updated August 23, 2019)
Proposal Budget Templates for COA PIs (Updated August 23, 2019)
Proposal Budget Templates for Subcontracts under COA PIs (Updated August 23, 2019)

Travel Forms
COA Travel Checklist
Faculty-Staff Travel
Student Travel