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This is a picture of our Belhaven College Biology class circa 1970 on board the SS Hermes.

This is a picture of our Belhaven College Biology class circa 1970 on board the SS Hermes. I am wearing the cowboy hat. I met my wife Shelley (holding the helmet) on the Hermes as we made our annual trip to Horn Island. Our grown kids enjoyed seeing the picture after I dug it out of the attic. We hope to get by and see the newly renovated ship on our vacation this June.
Mike Taylor - Mike_Taylor@deq.state.ms.us - April 12, 2005

I remember the Hermes with fond memories, and my students and I spent many an hour on board. For landlocked Mid-westerners the rides were thrilling and adventuresome.
Dan Elliott - Central Methodist University - April 12, 2005

The Hermes invitation stirred some very good memories of an undergraduate summer (in the 1960's) spent at GCRL. I came for Invertebrate Zoology and loved it so much I stayed for a second 6 weeks of Vertebrate Zoology. We spent many happy hours on the Hermes and even managed to rescue a couple of stranded fisherman one day.
Susan O'Brien van Loon - March 18, 2005

GCRL - 1967-68 Most wonderful memories of GCRL, the gashouse gang and all. So much so that after working and living in numerous places (e.g. Atlanta 1972-1992) I moved back to Ocean Springs in 1992 where I continue to enjoy friendship with the most beautiful people in the world - GCRL Alumni with whom I was in school or worked with at the Lab; dear friends like Harriet Perry, Tom McIlwain, Bill Demoran, Ron Lukens, Kirsten Larsen, Billy Walker, and Earl "The Muscle" Denham. Wonderful times, wonderful learning experience but most of all wonderful people.
Chief herrington@bellsouth.net - Ocean Springs, MS USA - Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Hello to all GCRL alumni! If you were not there for the summers of 1994-1996 then you probably have no idea who I am. If you were there and don't remember me, then I'm the short girl who was always riding her bike! I moved to Tampa Bay to attend graduate school in Jan. 1996 after graduation from USM but I ended up working in a lab as an analytical chemist(not my dream job) for three years. Oh well, it was good experience, and I voluteered at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium every weekend so I did get to be out on the water. Now I'm back on track to actually starting a career in marine biology-even though I'm not living near the water. There is plenty of water here in Austin, TX, it just doesn't have any salt in it! It is absolutely beautiful here-lots of green rolling hills, lakes, and rivers with waterfalls. If anyone ever tells you Texas is nothing but a big desert, don't believe them. I just started working for the Department of Health Seafood Safety Division, so I will be traveling all over the state collecting fish and shellfish to be tested for toxin levels which may require fishing bans. Finally, a field job! I hope things are going well with all of those that I took classes with. I see that Dave Rice is the only one who has written in the guestbook; I do miss listening to him and Chuck Flowers play their guitars and sing! (if that is the Dave I think it is) Anyway, if anyone I know ever looks at this, email me and let me know how everything's going; I'd love to hear from some of you.
Susie E. Bush (formerly Susie E. Durel) - ucacrab@aol.com (home) - susan.bush@tdh.state.tx.us (work) - Austin, TX USA - Thursday, May 18, 2000

A friendly nod to everyone at GCRL! The memories are great - spent two summers there. Took a memorable class with Dr. Heard (Faunistic Ecology) and Marine Inverts. in '93. '96 it was Cindy's Phycology and a GA position w/ Dr. Peebles. I miss everyone. Can't wait to see you again......God Bless DLR
David Lewis Rice III RiceDL@lejeune.usmc.mil - Greenwood, MS USA - Friday, November 12, 1999

Did not know about the last meeting..Put me on the roll. In the summer of '60 I had a job with Dr. Chew who was studying the Gulf Stream Current.(.25 cents hr) We filled 50,000 wine bottles with sand and a return address note! No we did not drink the wine first...would have made the job easier I think...(may not have been able to pour sand)
Martin Hobbs mhobbs@datasync.com - Moss Point, Ms USA - Wednesday, October 27, 1999