About PDF Files on This Website

PDF files are used extensively on this website, particularly for flyers, brochures, handbooks, and forms. In 2012 we have begun creating interactive pdf registration forms for some of our programs. PDF files are readable on almost all computer systems, but they are handled differently according to your particular computer's software configuration. If you have problems, please follow the instructions below for saving the pdf file on your computer and opening it with a pdf reader software program.

Opening PDF Files Within Your Web Browser

In many cases, you'll be able to use all the features of pdf files by opening them in your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.), just as you open a web page. Just click on the link to the pdf file and proceed. If pdf files don't behave properly in your browser, you'll need to save them on your computer. See below.

Opening PDF Files in PDF Reader Software

If you are unable to use all the features of the pdf file in your web browser, try saving the file on your computer and opening it with a pdf file reader program. To save a file, right click the link and select the "Save as" option. ("Save target as ..." in Internet Explorer, for instance.) Be sure to note where you save the file. Then open the file using your pdf reader program.

If you need a pdf reader program, Adobe Reader X is a good option. It's available as a free download. Versions are available for all common PC and Mac operating systems. There are numerous other pdf reader programs,including many free programs.

Interactive PDF Forms

Some forms on this website have interactive features. The Sea Camp registration form is an example. Assuming that your computer and software have the capabilities, you'll be able to fill out the forms on your computer and then save the completed form and print it. You'll even be able to digitally sign the form and submit it via email.