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Gigantapseudes maximus (Gamô, 1984.).
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Species Lists of Tanaidacea, by Family

David Drumm1,2, Richard Heard2, and Kim Larsen3

1 NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center, Seattle, WA
2Gulf Coast Research Laboratory
3LMCEE (Laboratory for Marine Community Ecology and Evolution - Portugal)

Citation for this web site: Drumm, D., R. Heard, & K. Larsen. 2007, August 29. Tanaidacea Web Site. <http://gcrl.usm.edu/tanaids/> Accessed on [Date].


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Suborder Anthracocaridomorpha Suborder Apseudomorpha
  • Superfamily Cretitanaoidea
  • Superfamily Jurapseudoidea Suborder Neotanaidomorpha Suborder Tanaidomorpha
  • Superfamily Tanaoidea
  • Superfamily Paratanaoidea

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    D. Drumm.
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