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Biographical Information-
Jürgen Sieg

David Drumm1,2, Richard Heard2, and Kim Larsen3

1 NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center, Seattle, WA
2Gulf Coast Research Laboratory
3LMCEE (Laboratory for Marine Community Ecology and Evolution - Portugal)

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Biographical Sketch

During a relatively short career which was prematurely cut short by his untimely death, Jürgen Sieg (1946-1996) authored or co-authored 54 papers and monographs, 44 of which dealt with Tanaidacea. He was responsible for authoring or co-authoring the designations or descriptions of over 135 new taxa including 4 suborders, 3 superfamilies, 9 families, 9 subfamilies, 2 tribes, 34 genera, 3 subgenera, and 69 species. In addition to his publications, he produced a very comprehensive computerized tanaidacean data base, which included the earliest published records on members of the group through the year 1986. Besides his Catalogus Crustaceorum (1983) he made available much additional and useful bibliographic information on Tanaidacea and related groups through publication of his newsletter, "Tanaidacea News". Between 1975 and 1986, Sieg produced 19 numbers of this very useful and comprehensive news letter. Following in the footsteps of another Tanaidacean biologist, Karl Lang, Jürgen succeeded in making what essentially had been a poorly known and arcane group of crustaceans accessible to a broad spectrum of biologists, taxonomists, and systematists. Regrettably, Jürgen never received much national support or recognition for his work. At much personal expense to himself and his family, he accomplished much of his work in his off-hours during which times he also was able to squeeze in time for his hobby, the taxonomy of beetles. When working with Jürgen, one immediately realized that there would be little time for idleness. He was very well-organized, driven, determined, and committed when it came to completing his research goals. He also was quite structured and unyielding in his views on tanaidacean systematics and terminology. Notwithstanding whether his views are or will be accepted, the results of Jürgen's prodigious labors, as Karl Lang's before him, have given those interested in Tanaidacea a strong foundation upon which to build. Over the past two decades, tanaidaceans have become recognized as one of the more diverse and bionomically important components of deep water benthos. Through Jürgen's indefatigable efforts and foresight, future studies on the Tanaidacea will be greatly facilitated and enhanced.

A brief overview of Jürgen Sieg's life and accomplishments appeared in Monoculus 33:9-10 (April 1997). Through the kindness of the author, Dr. H. K. Schminke, this Memoriam is reprinted here:

Memoriam (H.K. Schminke)

Jürgen Sieg
August 1, 1946 - July 14, 1996

Jürgen Sieg was one of us even though he was not a copepodoloist. He died in Lohne not far from Oldenburg ten days after our last conference on Copepoda. He had hoped to be able to participate. We had sent him the conference poster with the signatures and greetings from many of us. It was put on the wall at the footend of his bed. The pastor thought that he had been working on copepods and was surprised to leam that this was not the case. We told him about the "Crustacea Database" and all the efforts Jürgen Sieg had devoted to the section on Copepoda. The database is dormant now. The Copepoda section had advanced very far but not as far as that on the Tanaidacea, the group on which Jürgen Sieg worked himself. Like most groups of Crustacea also in Tanaidacea more species remain to be discovered than are actually known. Activities have just been started to explore the vast expanses of the deep sea where according to Jürgen new species of Tanaidacea are to be expected in great numbers. In the shelf regions around the continents Tanaidacea is not a diverse group. This is one of the reasons why their study was first undertaken by isopodologists. There was no true specialist for Tanaidacea until Karl Lang came along and decided to concentrate on them after his impressive work on Harpacticoida. But even after 20 years of work when Jürgen visited him in Stockholm as a young Ph.D. student he still had the feeling of lacking the key for a proper understanding of the taxa relationships within the Tanaidacea.

Despite Lang's efforts, Tanaidacea therefore was still a problematic group when Jürgen started to work on them, but he was full of optimism to overcome the difficulties because Karl Lang had laid the foundations and opened many doors through which as Jürgen confessed later he only had to go. The way was paved with extensive taxonomic work. Jürgen's Ph.D. thesis (1973) and the two monographs on Pseudotanaidae (1977) and Tanaidae (1980) prepared the ground for the reconstruction of the phylogenetic relationships within Tanaidacea which he presented as part of requirements for a Dr. habil.

When this was accomplished he could turn to work on regional faunas which he undertook with partners in the United States. With Richard Heard he studied the Tanaidacea of the Gulf of Mexico and during a one-year stay at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington (1985/86) he worked on Tanaidacea from the Antarctic. He also took part in two cruises to the Antarctic, one with RV "Meteor". the other with RV "Polarstern". Again a lot of detailed taxonomic work had to be done before he could summarize the results in a discussion of the age and origin of the crustacean fauna on the Antarctic shelf. Together with J. W. Wägele he was editor of a series of monographs "Antarktisches Benthos', which was preceded by a field guide 'Fauna der Antarktis" edited by the same authors.

For those who knew Jürgen as a boy, all this came as a surprise. because he started off as a devoted hobby entomologist who had a keen interest in beetles (in particular Carabidae and Curculionidae). As a schoolboy he regularly travelled from his native town Lübeck to Hamburg to take part in entomological activities there headed by G.A. Lohse, a famous German entomologist. It was therefore out of question that he would go to Hamburg University to study biology and there was no doubt that he would finish with writing a thesis on beetles. But then he went to Kiel to continue his studies and all of a sudden insects were repiaced by Crustacea. Beetles continued to play a role in his later scientific activities in particular in connection with environmental and conservation projects where he concentrated on the study of Elateridae. In Kiel he started a PhD project on Tanaidacea under the supervision of W. Noodt, and affer his visit to Karl Lang it did not take long before his thesis was finished. He then worked as a highschool teacher at the Nordseegymnasium in St. PeterOrding on the North Sea coast before he went to the University of Osnabrück. Abt. Vechta. as a Research Assistant. At the end he was Professor there.

He threw himself again with great enthusiasm into the study of Tanaidacea and started to issue the "Tanaidacea News." At the same time he began to build up the "Crustacea Database" which started off as being a "Tanaidacea Database" containing all the information on this group scattered widely in the literature. The database was used to produce the part on Tanaidacea of the Catalogus Crustaceorum (1983). The database then was expanded in collaboration with other specialists to contain information on Euphausiacea, Decapoda, Isopoda, and particularly on Copepoda. Already as a Ph.D. student Jürgen had started to use computers to collect data from the literature and had written the programs himself to suit his own particular needs. He did pioneering work in this respect as a systematist in Germany. Despite all Jürgen's time consuming efforts the "Crustacea Database" remained a torso, because the time was not ripe in Germany for unreserved support of his visions.

Times are now changing. His exnertise and indefatigable activity would now be needed. Also with the advent of extensive deep sea studies he leaves a huge gap. He predicted Tanaidacea to be a very dive rse group in the deep sea. Now that programmes are under way to explore its fauna it would be reassuring to know that there is someone with his knowlege and expertise to rely on.

Jürgen died of a brain tumour not long before his 50th birthday on August 14, 1996. He left his wife Angelika and two grown-up children, Rebecca and Daniel. A year before his death he gave his collection to the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin.

U.K. Schminke, Oldenburg

Tanaidacean Taxa Described or Co-Described by Jürgen Sieg

APSEUDOMORPHA Sieg, 1980c [Fossil & Extant]
APSEUDOIDEA Leach, 1814 [Extant] (Apseudomorpha)
CRETITANAOIDEASchram, Sieg & Malzahn, 1986 [Fossil] (Tanaidomorpha)
JURAPSEUDOIDEA Schram, Sieg & Malzahn, 1986 [Fossil] (Apseudomorpha)
CRETITANAIDAE Schram, Sieg & Malzahn, 1986 [Fossil ] (Tanaidomorpha)
CRYPTOCARIDIDAE Sieg, 1980c [Fossil] (Anthracocaridomorpha)
CYCLOPOAPSEUDIDAE Sieg, 1983f (Apseudomorpha)
JURAPSEUDIDAE Schram, Sieg & Malzahn, 1986 [Fossil ] (Apseudomorpha)
LEPTOGNATHIDAE Sieg, 1976a (Tanaidomorpha)
NOTOTANAIDAE Sieg, 1976a (Tanaidomorpha)
PSEUDOTANAIDAE Sieg, 1976a (Tanaidomorpha)
PSEUDOZEUXIDAE Sieg, 1982b (Tanaidomorpha)
TYPHLOTANAIDAE Sieg, 1986a (Tanaidomorpha)
Akanthophoreinae Sieg, 1986b (Anarthruridae)
Archaeotanainae Sieg, 1980a (Tanaidae)
Cryptocopinae Sieg, 1977a (Pseudotanaidae)
Langitanainae Sieg, 1980a (Tanaidae)
Leviapseudinae Sieg, 1983b (Apseudidae)
Nesotanainae Sieg, 1978a (taxonomic status uncertain)
Pancolinae Sieg, 1980a (Tanaidae)
Pseudotanianae Sieg, 1977a (Pseudotanaidae)
Sinelobinae Sieg, 1980a (Tanaidae)
Pancolini Sieg, 1980a (Tanaidae)
Anatanaini Sieg, 1980a (Tanaidae)
Akanthophoreus Sieg, 1986b (Anarthruridae)
Allodaposia Sieg, 1986b (Anarthruridae)
Andrognathia Sieg, 1983a (Anarthruridae)
Androtanais Sieg, 1976a (Nototanaidae)
Archaeotanais Sieg, 1980a (Tanaidae)
Arctotanais Sieg, 1980a (Tanaidae)
Arhaphuroides Sieg, 1986a (Anarthruridae)
Bifidia Sieg & Zibrowius, 1988 (Anarthruridae)
Bilobatus Sieg, 1993 (Parapseudidae)
Chauliopleona Dojiri & Sieg, 1997 (Anarthruridae)
Cryptocopoides Sieg, 1976a (Pseudotanaidae)
Dimorphognathia Sieg, 1986a (Anarthruridae)
Heterotanoides Sieg 1977b (Pseudozeuxidae)
Iungentitanais Sieg, 1976a (Pseudotanaidae)
Langitanais Sieg, 1976a (Tanaidae)
Meromonakantha Sieg, 1986b (Typhlotanaidae)
Mimicarhaphura Sieg, 1986b (Anarthruridae)
Monoditanais Sieg, 1980a (Tanaidae)
Nototanoides Sieg & Heard, 1985 (Nototanaidae)
Pancoloides Sieg, 1980a (Tanaidae)
Paraiungentitanais Sieg, 1977a (Pseudotanaidae)
Parasinelobus Sieg, 1980a (Tanaidae)
Peraeospinosus Sieg, 1986a (Typhlotanaidae)
Protanais Sieg, 1980a (Tanaidae)
Protanaissus Sieg, 1983b (Nototanaidae)
Pseudoleptognathia Sieg, 1986a (Anarthruridae)
Pseudoparatanais Sieg, 1983a
Pseudozeuxo Sieg, 1982b (Tanaidae)
Scoloura Sieg & Dojiri, 1991 (Anarthruridae)
Singularitanais Sieg, 1980a (Tanaidae)
Sinelobus Sieg, 1980a (Tanaidae)
Synaptotanais Sieg, 1980a (Tanaidae)
Typhlotanoides Sieg, 1983a (Typhlotanaidae)
Zeuxoides Sieg, 1980a (Tanaidae)
Akanthinotanais Sieg, 1977a [of Peudotanais]
Monosmerinx Sieg, 1986a [of Typlotanais]
Parazeuxo Sieg, 1980a [of Zeuxo]
Akanthophoreus wedellensis Sieg, 1986b
Anatanais pseudonormani Sieg, 1980a
Andrognathia plumosa Sieg, 1983a
Apseudes heroae Sieg, 1986a
Araphura breviaria Dojiri & Sieg, 1997
Araphura cuspirostris Dojiri & Sieg, 1997
Araphura higginsi Sieg & Dojiri, 1989
Araphura joubinensis Sieg & Dojiri, 1989
Araphuroides parabreviremis Sieg, 1986a {type}
Araphuroides septentrionalis Sieg & Dojiri, 1989
Bacescapseudes patagoniensis Sieg, 1986a
Bifidia scleractinicola Sieg & Zibrowius, 1988 {type}
Bilobatus crenulatus Sieg, 1993 {type}
Carpoapseudes caraspinosus Dojiri & Sieg, 1997
Chauliopleona dentata Dojiri & Sieg, 1997
Dimorphognathia heroae Sieg, 1986a {type}
Heterotanoides meridionalis Sieg, 1986a
Iungentitanais primitivus Sieg, 1976a {type}
Kalliapseudes bahamenis Sieg, 1982a
Leptognathia breviremoides Sieg, 1986b
Leptognathia diversa Sieg, 1983a
Mesotanais elongatus Sieg & Bird, 1989
Mesotanais longisetosus Sieg & Heard, 1989
Mesotanais vadicola Sieg & Heard, 1989
Mimicarhaphura immanis Sieg, 1986b {type}
Monoditanais helenensis Sieg, 1980a {type}
Nototanoides trifurcatus Sieg & Heard, 1985 {type}
Paraleptognahtia antarctica Sieg, 1986b
Paraleptognahtia bisetulosa Dojiri & Sieg, 1997
Paranarthrura fortispina Sieg, 1986b
Paranarthrura meridionalis Sieg, 1986b
Paratanais intermedius Dojiri & Sieg, 1997
Paratanais spinanotandus Sieg, 1981a
Protanaissus makrotrichos Sieg, 1986a
Pseudoleptognathia setosa Sieg, 1986a {type)
Pseudoparatanais antarcticus Sieg, 1983a {type)
Pseudoparatanais brachycephalus Sieg, 1986b
Pseudotanais (= Pseudotanais) californiensis Dojiri & Sieg, 1997
Pseudotanais (= Akanthinotanais) gerlachi Sieg, 1977a
Pseudotanais (= Pseudotanais) jonesi Sieg, 1977a
Pseudotanais (= Pseudotanais) longisetosus Sieg, 1977a
Pseudotanais (= Pseudotanais) makrothrix Dojiri & Sieg, 1997
Pseudotanais (= Akanthinotanais) malayensis Sieg, 1977a
Pseudotanais (= Pseudotanais) mexikolpos Sieg & Heard, 1989
Pseudotanais (= Akanthinotanais) mortenseni Sieg, 1977a
Pseudotanais (= Pseudotanais) nordenskioldi Sieg, 1977a
Pseudotanais (= Akanthinotanais) similis Sieg, 1977a
Pseudotanais (= Pseudotanais) unicus Sieg, 1977a
Pseudozeuxo belizensis Sieg, 1982b {type}
Scoloura phillipsi Sieg & Dojiri, 1991 {type}
Siphonolabrum californiensis Dojiri & Sieg, 1997
Siphonolabrum fastigatum Sieg, 1986a
Synapseudes aflagellaus Sieg, 1986a
Synaptotanais notabilis Sieg, 1980a {type}
Tanaella propinquus Dojiri & Sieg, 1997
Tanaella rotundicephala Sieg, 1986a
Tanaella unisetosa Sieg, 1986a
Typhlotanais crassus Dojiri & Sieg, 1997
Typhlotanais (Monosmerinx) parvus Sieg, 1986a
Typhlotanais williamsae Dojiri & Sieg, 1997
Typhlotanoides insolitus Sieg, 1983a
Zeuxo (=Parazeuxo) coralensis Sieg, 1980a
Zeuxo (=Parazeuxo) exsargasso Sieg, 1980a
Zeuxo (=Parazeuxo) phytalensis Sieg, 1980a
Zeuxo (=Zeuxo) fresii Sieg, 1980a
Zeuxo (=Zeuxo) paranormani Sieg, 1980a
Zeuxo (=Zeuxo) simonsiensis Sieg, 1980a
Zeuxo (=Zeuxo) vanhoeffeni Sieg, 1980a
Zeuxoides pseudolitoralis Sieg, 1980a

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