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Biographical Information-
Sueo M. Shiino

David Drumm1,2, Richard Heard2, and Kim Larsen3

1 NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center, Seattle, WA
2Gulf Coast Research Laboratory
3LMCEE (Laboratory for Marine Community Ecology and Evolution - Portugal)

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Biographical Sketch

Tanaidacean Taxa Described or Co-Described by Sueo M. Shiino

Publications on Tanaidacea by Sueo M. Shiino

  • Shiino, S. M. 1937. On Apseudes nipponicus n. sp. (Crustacea, Tanaidacea).-- Annot. Zool. Japon 16: 153-62.

  • Shiino, S. M. 1951a. On two new species of the family Apseudidae found Seto.-- Report of Faculty of Fisheries, Prefectural University of Mie 1: 12-25. Summary

  • Shiino, S. M. 1951b. Note on three species of Tanaidae from the Japanese coast.-- Miscellaneous Reports of the Research Institute for Natural Resources, Nos. 19-21: 32-38. Summary

  • Shiino, S. M. 1952. A new genus and two new species of the order Tanaidacea found at Seto.-- Publications of the Seto Marine Biological Laboratory 2: 53-68. Summary

  • Shiino, S. M. 1963. Tanaidacea collected by Naga Expedition in the Bay of Nha-Trang, South Viet-Nam.-- Report of Faculty of Fisheries Prefectural University of Mie 4: 437-507. Summary

  • Shiino S.M. 1964. Tanaidacea. In: T. Uschida (Ed.) Systematic Zoology. 7(1): 186-192.

  • Shiino, S. M. 1965. Tanaidacea of the Bismarck Archipelago.-- Vidensk. Medd. Dansk naturh. Foren. 128: 177-203. Summary

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  • Shiino, S. M. 1968. A tanaid crustacean, Nesotanais lacustris gen. et sp. nov., from Lake Tegano, Rennell Island.-- Natural History of Rennell Island, British Solomon Islands 5: 153-168.

  • Shiino, S. M. 1971 (1970). Paratanaidae collected in Chile Bay, Greenwich Island by the XXII Chilean Antarctic Expedition, with an Apseudes from Porvenir Point, Tierra del Fuego Island.-- INACH. Ser. Cient. 1: 77-122. Summary

  • Shiino, S. M. 1978. Tanaidacea collected by French Scientists on board the survey ship "Marion-Dufresne" in the regions around the Kuerguelen Islands and other subantarctic islands in 1972, '74, '75, '76.-- Science Report of Shima Marineland No. 5: 1-122.

August 29, 2006
G. Anderson.
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