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This photograph was taken in 1978 at the Muséum d´Histoire naturelle "Grigore Antipa", Romania on the occasion of Professor M. Bacescu's 70th birthday anniversary. Here, Dr. Bacescu is seen standing (near the middle, between two gentlemen with dark glasses).
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Biographical Information-
Mihai Bacescu

David Drumm1,2, Richard Heard2, and Kim Larsen3

1 NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center, Seattle, WA
2Gulf Coast Research Laboratory
3LMCEE (Laboratory for Marine Community Ecology and Evolution - Portugal)

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Biographical Sketch*

Mihai Bacescu
March 18, 1908 - August 6, 1999

Academician Professor Mihai Bacescu was born on the 28th of March 1908 in Brosteni, Suceava, northern Romania. His academic career began in 1928 when undertook fours years of study at the Faculty of Biology in Iasi. During the next six years (1932-1938) he stayed at Agigea on the Black Sea where he dedicated his studies and research to marine biology at the Marine Biological Station, which was founded in 1926 by his advisor, Professor Ioan Borcea. This period was his first exposure to the sea and had a profound effect on his career. His doctoral dissertation, which was dedicated to the study of Romanian Mysidacea, epitomized his research at Agigea. He returned to Iasi and had a short university career during which he quickly became chair of the Department of Animal Morphology.

Soon afterward, he was nominated for a scholarship in marine biology in France (Roscoff, Banyuls-sur-mer, Paris) and Monaco by his supervisor, Professor Paul Bujor and the renowned Romanian biologist Emil Racovita, who in 1939 founded the discipline of biospeleology. Being the recipient of this fellowship was the second pivotal point in Dr. Bacescu's life. In France he became highly respected by his French colleagues and carcinologists, who recognized his aptitude and talent in the study of Crustacea. During the late 1930's, Grigore Antipa, the renowned director of the Grigore Antipa Museum of Natural History (in 1933 the museum had been renamed in honor of its distinguished director), became aware of Dr. Bacescu's excellent reputation as a taxonomist, naturalist, and scholar. In l940 due to Grigore Antipa's persistent overtures, Dr. Bacescu came to Bucharest to accept an appointment as a department head, a position equivalent to professor, at the Museum, which was founded in 1834 and was, and still remains, the premiere institution of its kind in Romania.

Accepting the museum position proved to be the most important and lasting decision of Dr. Bacescu's long and distinguished scientific career. During the next 48 years, he served the museum as a scholar, researcher, and adroit administrator. After his retirement in 1988, he has served the museum as emeritus director, researcher and mentor until his death.

From the first day that he joined the Museum's staff, Dr. Bacescu focused all of his research, administrative, and political skills toward the museum's development. In his role as a senior curator he continued and enhanced his prodigious research activities, especially in the study of crustacean taxonomy and systematics. During his association with the Museum he experienced some very difficult and inauspicious periods. These included, the period just after Grigore Antipa's death at the end of the Second World War (1944) when the museum was very badly damaged by bombs and later when political conditions were not very favorable for scientific and cultural endeavors or freedom of expression.

In 1964 he was appointed director of the Grigore Antipa Museum of Natural History, a position he held with distinction until his retirement 24 years later. As director, his innate talent, enthusiasm, imagination and educational and research expertise, allowed him to transform the museum into an internationally known and respected scientific and educational institution. Because of his vast knowledge of crustaceans, a renowned Romanian school of carcinologists developed during his tenure at the museum. Under his adept tutelage, his pupils undertook the study of a variety of different crustacean groups (Copepoda, Ostracoda, Mysidacea, Isopoda, Tanaidacea, Cumacea, Euphausiacea and Decapoda). Many of students became well-known specialists, including Francisca Caraion (Ostracoda), Modest Gutu (Tanaidacea). Amelia Marcus (Copepoda), Zarui Muradian-Ciamician and Ileana Negoescu ( Isopoda) Iorgu Petrescu (_Cumacea), and Aurel Udrescu (Mysidacea).

Dr. Bacescu also made a major and lasting contribution to the development of Romanian oceanography at Constantza on the Black Sea where he helped train and educate many important specialists at the Romanian Marine Research Institute. His pioneering oceanographic work on the ecology and faunistics of the Black Sea established the foundation for much of Romania's many contributions to the biological oceanography of the region.

Many foreign specialists were helped and encouraged in their study of Crustacea under Dr. Bacescu 's patient and thoughtful guidance. He was elected to the Romanian Academy in 1964 and became a full member in 1992. Dr. Bacescu has served on the boards of many prestigious foreign organizations and scientific review panels. He also has received many international presentations and awards in recognition of his achievements in research and academia. In addition to carcinology (Decapoda, Mysidacea, Cumacea, Isopoda, Tanaidacea), he demonstrated considerable expertise and has published in many other scientific and cultural fields, including ichthyology, herpetology, marine biology and ecology, and Romanian zoological folklore. Dr. Bacescu also participated in several international oceanographic cruises, including the U.S. Anton Bruun (East Pacific in 1965), the French Thalassa (Atlantic 1971), and the International Indian Ocean expedition (1977), and was responsible for the organizing the first Romanian western Indian Ocean expedition to study the fauna of Tanzanian coral reefs. He joins a select group of renowned specialists such as G. O. Sars, Carl Zimmer, Louis Fage, Thomas Stebbing, Herbert Hale, and Jerry Barnard, who have done major and pioneering work in by making the field carcinology much more accessible and understandable to those of us interested in the taxonomy, systematics, and ecology of malacostracan Crustacea.

During a long and productive scientific career spanning over 60 years, Dr. Bacescu published over 300 articles and monographs, most of which dealt with the taxonomy and systematics of marine malacostracan crustaceans. Much of this was accomplished while he was also involved in demanding duties of museum administration and during a turbulent period of Romanian history. Though he worked on many groups of Crustacea, Dr. Bacescu especially made many important contributions to the taxonomy and systematics literature of the peracarid orders Cumacea, Mysidacea, and Tanaidacea.

His many contributions to the knowledge of the Tanaidacea include over 35 publications containing the descriptions of over 90 new taxa, including 3 families and 18 genera.

Dr. Bacescu lead a long and productive life as a scholar, teacher, mentor, colleague, and the patriarch of Romanian zoology. His life epitomized devotion to scientific achievement, but just as importantly, it was governed by humanity and concern for his fellow man. The encouragement, support, and, on occasions, daring that Dr. Bacescu exhibited during his tenure as a scientist, an administrator, and the director at the Grigore Antipa Museum of Natural History, especially during the turbulent times of war, natural disaster, and political turmoil, will always be appreciated and remembered by those who were touched by his remarkable life.

* Modified (with permission) from an article contributed in 1999 to the Cumacean Newsletter (No. 6) by Dr. Iorgu Petrescu.

Tanaidacean Taxa described by Mihai Bacescu

ANUROPODIDAE Bacescu, 1980c (Apseudomorpha)
TANAPSEUDIDAE Bacescu, 1978a (Apseudomorpha)
TANZANAPSEUDIDAE Bacescu, 1975 (Apseudomorpha)
Anuropoda Bacescu, 1980c (Anuropodidae)
Atlantapseudes Bacescu, 1978b (Apseudidae)
Brumia Bacescu, 1981b (Pagurapseudidae)
Cristapseudes Bacescu, 1980a (Kalliapseudidae)
Cryptapseudes Bacescu, 1976c (Metapseudidae)
Discapseudes Bacescu & Gutu, 1975 (Parapseudidae)
Francapseudes Bacescu, 1981a (Apseudidae)
Halmyrapseudes Bacescu & Gutu, 1974 (Parapseudidae)
Indoapseudes Bacescu, 1976a (Pagurapseudidae)
Langapseudes Bacescu, 1987 (Apseudidae)
Macrolabrum Bacescu, 1976a (Pagurapseudidae)
Msangia Bacescu, 1976c (Pagurapseudidae)
Pakistanapseudes Bacescu, 1978a (Parapseudidae)
Pectinapseudes Bacescu & Williams, 1988 (Apseudidae)
Pontotanais Bacescu, 1960a* (Pseudotanaidae)
Tanapseudes Bacescu, 1978a (Tanapseudidae)
Tanzanapseudes Bacescu, 1975 (Tanzanapseudidae)
Tuberapseudes Bacescu & Gutu, 1971; Gutu, 1972 (Apseudidae)
Apseudes (Fageapseudes) Bacescu & Gutu, 1971
Anuropoda francispori Bacescu, 1980c
Apseudes elisae Bacescu, 1961
Apseudes (now Bacescapseudes) adenaicus Bacescu, 1978a
Apseudes babelmandebensis Bacescu, 1978a
Apseudes bermudensis Bacescu, 1980b
Apseudes galeroni Bacescu, 1987
Apseudes graziellae Bacescu, 1981a
Apseudes misarai Bacescu, 1981e
Apseudes rotundifrons Bacescu, 1981a
Apseudes setiferus Bacescu, 1981a
Apseudes srilankaensis Bacescu, 1981b
Apseudopsis ostroumovi Bacescu & Carausu, 1947
Atlantapseudes nigrichela Bacescu, 1978b
Carpoapseudes kudinovae Bacescu, 1981c
Carpoapseudes curticarpus Bacescu, 1982a
Carpoapseudes laubieri Bacescu, 1982a
Carpoapseudes romanae Bacescu, 1987
Cryptapseudes sankarankuttyi Bacescu, 1976c
Cryptapseudes acutifrons Bacescu, 1976c
Curtipleon carinatoides Bacescu, 1976b
Cycloapseudes estafricana Bacescu, 1975
Disapseudes surinamensis Bacescu & Gutu, 1975
Disapseudes holthuisi Bacescu & Gutu, 1975
Francapseudes debilis Bacescu, 1981a
Francapseudes uniarticulatus Bacescu, 1981a
Halmyrapseudes bahamensis Bacescu & Gutu, 1974
Halmyrapseudes cubanensis Bacescu & Gutu, 1974
Halmyrapseudes spaansi Bacescu & Gutu, 1975
Hemikalliapseudes cavooreni Bacescu & Absalao, 1985
Heterotanais** longidactylus Bacescu, 1977
Indoapseudes brycesoni Bacescu, 1976c
Kalliapseudes borceai Bacescu, 1980b
Kalliapseudes gianucai Bacescu, 1979 [synonym of Kalliapseudes (Monokalliapseudes) schubarti Mane-Garzon, 1949]
Kalliapseudes macrothrixoides Bacescu, 1980b
Leviapseudes longispina Bacescu, 1983
Leviapseudes preamazonica Bacescu, 1984a
Leviapseudes segonzaci Bacescu, 1981a
Leviapseudes zenkevitchioides Bacescu, 1981a
Leviapseudes demerarae Bacescu, 1984a
Leviapseudes desbruyeresi Bacescu, 1987
Leviapseudes drachi Bacescu, 1984c
Macrolabrum boeri Bacescu, 1981d
Macrolabrum trichopteroides Bacescu, 1976a
Msangia larvoides Bacescu, 1976c
Pagurapseudes varians Bacescu, 1976a
Pagurapseudes abrucei Bacescu, 1981d
Pagurapseudes dactylifrons Bacescu, 1976c
Pagurapseudes tricoliae Bacescu, 1976a
Pagurapseudopsis iranica Bacescu, 1978a
Pakistanapseudes shiino Bacescu, 1978a
Pakistanapseudes leptochelatus Bacescu, 1978a
Pectinapseudes carolinensis Bacescu & Williams, 1988
Pontotanais borceai Bacescu, 1960a
Pseudosphyrapus centobi Bacescu, 1981a
Synapeudes australianus Bacescu, 1981d
Synapeudes acroporae Bacescu, 1976b
Synapeudes carinatoides Bacescu, 1976c
Synapeudes mediterraneus Bacescu, 1977
Synapeudes menziesi Bacescu, 1976b
Synapeudes violaceus Bacescu, 1976b
Tanapseudes ormuzana Bacescu, 1978a
Tanzanapseudes longisepta Bacescu, 1975
Tanzanapseudes langi Bacescu, 1975
Apseudes africanus orientalis Bacescu, 1961
Apseudes gallardoi djiboutiensis Bacescu, 1978a
Apseudes latreilli mediteraneus Bacescu, 1961
Apseudes robustus erythraeicus Bacescu, 1984b
Apseudes spinosus albidas Bacescu, 1984b
Apseudes tenuimanus gottliebi Bacescu, 1961
Leviapseudes segonzaci gasconicus Bacescu, 1984c
Pagurapseudopsis gymnophobia ceylonica Bacescu, 1984b

*Synonym of Pseudotanais
**now placed in Pseudoleptochelia

Publications of Mihai Bacescu

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G. Anderson.
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