R/V Tom McIlwain

R/V Tom McIlwain available for charter, Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi Sound

The R/V Tom McIlwain  is a 55-foot fiberglass vessel which carries a crew of two and a maximum of 30 adult passengers.  The R/V Tom McIlwain was built by Westport Boat Builders of Westport, Washington and served as a U.S. Navy mine survey vessel before coming to the GCRL fleet in 2000.  The primary uses of the vessel are to transport class field trips to and from the Mississippi barrier islands and to provide a platform for numerous in-house and external research projects.  A normal day on the R/V Tom McIlwain includes trawling for fish, shrimp and other bottom dwelling marine life for observation/collection in the Mississippi sound; dolphin watching; and a trip to one of the barrier islands when weather permits.

The R/V Tom McIlwain has a draft of 4.5 feet and an average cruising speed of 16 knots.  The vessel has one 13.5-kw 110/220V single-phase diesel generator, radar, VHF radiotelephone, DGPS plotter, and a graphic depth sounder.  The vessel carries 1000 gallons of Diesel fuel and 250 gallons of potable water.  The vessel also has a dual-spool hydraulic wench and a hydraulic A-frame used for trawling, box coring, and other overboard deployments.  The R/V Tom McIlwain is insured to cover normal research activities of the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory.  Any additional insurance requirements must be provided by the chartering researchers or program.


Base Fee

Food and drinks are not normally supplied for day trips, but may be arranged through the GCRL dinning hall.

For more information or to reserve the R/V Tom McIlwain, please contact Tiffany McNeese at Tiffany.McNeese@usm.edu or 228.872.4277.

Additional Notes for Charters