People and Contacts, Parasitology Lab

Links open CVs. Email addresses and phone numbers are available in the GCRL online directory.

  • Michael Andres (student)
  • Eric Pulis (student)
  • Juan Carrillo (student)
  • Denny Hugg (volunteer)
  • T.J. Fayton (student)
  • Andrew Claxon (student)


Head of GCRL Parasitology Laboratory
Dr. Robin Overstreet
Professor, Division of Coastal Sciences

Lab Manager for Molecular Parasitology
Jean A. Jovonovich Alvillar
228.872.4233 or 4231
fax: 228.872.4204

GCRL's Parasitology Group

GCRL's Parasitology Group. Seated: Ana Carrillo, Juan Carrillo, Robin Overstreet, Steve Curran. Standing: Michael Andres, Jean Jovonovich Alvilla, Eric Pulis, Dana Calhoun and Lynnae Manuel. Dana, a researcher studying with Steve Curran, and Lynnae, a technician, were in the Parasitology Group on a special project which has been completed.,
Steve Curran, GCRL Parasitology Group
Steve Curran
Juan Carrillo, GCRL Parasitology Group
Juan Carrillo
Maxwell Barson, GCRL Parasitology Group
Maxwell Barson
Michael Andres, GCRL Parasitology Group
Michael Andres
Eric Pulis, GCRL Parasitology Group
Eric Pulis

Ronnie Palmer, GCRL Parasitology Group
Ronnie Palmer

Jean Jovonovich Alvillar and Jane Popovich, GCRL Parasitology Group
Jean Jovonovich Alvillar, left, and Jane Popovich
Denny Hugg , GCRL Parasitology Group
Denny Hugg