What's Happening at GCRL

GCRL and MDMR haul 3,600 gallons of saltwater to Ocean Springs High School

Aquaculture classes at Ocean Springs High School are one step closer to beginning their sea trout program. Officials with the Department of Marine Resources and University of Southern Mississippi’s Gulf Coast Research Laboratory hauled 3,600 gallons of saltwater to fill the remaining 8 tanks at the high school’s aquaculture center Thursday afternoon.

“We’ll fill the tanks and let everything develop, then it will be time to bring in the fish,” said Michael Lee, manager of the MDMR aquaculture hatchery. “There has to be time for bacteria to grow in the water to prepare for the fish.”

Lee said the tanks become more efficient as they are used and create a self-sustainable ecosystem for the fish.

Each tank will begin with about 25 trout before any more are added. Depending on the size and growth of the fish, more will be added until officials believe the tanks have reached their capacity.

“It’s the first step in an important process,” said Bryan Butler, Ocean Springs High School aquaculture teacher. “The students are thrilled to see the tanks filled and being one step closer to starting this next chapter of the aquaculture program.”

There has not been a definite date chosen for the transportation of the first class of trout.