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GCRL-tagged striped bass caught in South Mississippi

Two striped bass wearing tags from the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory and a non-tagged striped bass were caught in November by local fisherman.

All three fish were caught during the last weekend of November and immediately reported to Center for Fisheries Research and Development staff.

Mac Saunders caught a 6-pound striped bass near the Popps Ferry Bridge and Mike Foto caught an 18-inch tagged striped bass in Parker’s Creek of the Tchoutacabouffa River. The tag information revealed Foto’s fish was originally released Nov. 6, 2013.

Jennifer Green, fisheries technician, said it’s incredibly helpful for researchers when anglers report their findings of both tagged and non-tagged striped bass.

“The information allows us to track variables such as location, eating habits, and growth patterns,” she said. “We urge any angler to report their striped bass.”

Green said anglers that call in their findings will receive a free T-shirt (while supplies last) and a commemorative thank you letter.

The external tags are near the dorsal fin in bright colors such as yellow, red and orange, Green said.

The information anglers should try and provide is if it’s tagged or not, the tag number, size, date of the catch and location.

Anglers that catch striped bass are asked to call Jennifer Green at 228-818-8820 or by email at Jennifer.l.green@usm.edu