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GCRL offering YETI Tundra cooler for heaviest southern flounder

The Gulf Coast Research Laboratory research team is offering a prize of a new 45-quart YETI Tundra cooler for the angler who submits the heaviest southern flounder caught from December 2015 through February 2016.

The contest is part of a research project that hopes to answer life history questions about the southern flounders in the north-central Gulf of Mexico.

“We are attempting to learn more about southern flounders that are currently spawning,” Morgan Corey, graduate student, said. “We have implemented a size limit of 16 inches to protect smaller fish and ensure they are capable of spawning.”

Qualifications for a prize-winning southern flounder are:

  • Must submit the catch within 24 hours of capture.
  • Fish must be kept whole on ice immediately after the catch.
  • Can only be a southern flounder.
  • Fish must be greater than 16 inches in total length.

Southern flounders are characterized by a brown splotchy pattern with no distinctive spots, while gulf flounders can be recognized by their three distinct spots.

Corey said anglers that provide flounders will receive fillets from the fish after researchers collect samples pertinent to their project.

Anyone interested in participating is urged to call Morgan Corey at 228-818-8816 or Sam Clardy at 228-818-8885.

To keep up with the flounder leaderboard, visit: http://gcrl.usm.edu/mec/flounder.project.php

Download pdf for more information