Students in the Marine Microbiology Group

Michael Andres, Ph.D. Candidate
Advisor: Dr. Robin Overstreet
Interests: Parasites of Fishes

Juan Manuel Carrillo, Ph.D. Candidate
Adviser: Dr. Robin Overstreet
Interests: Non-invasive approaches to diagnosing dolphin health

Tershara Matthews, Ph.D. Candidate
Adviser: Dr. Robin Overstreet
Interests: Detection, prevention and transmission of viral and bacterial diseases in penaeid shrimp and other crustaceans

Eric Pulis, Ph.D. Candidate
Adviser: Dr. Robin Overstreet
Interests: Digenean parasites of fishes

Corey D. Russo, Ph.D.
Adviser: Dr. D. Jay Grimes
Graduated in 2016, now at Thermo Fischer Scientific, Inc.

Shuo Shen, Ph.D. Candidate
Advisor: Dr. Wei Wu, Technical Advisor: Dr. D. Jay Grimes
Working at the GCRL on antibiotic resistance in the marine invironment. Interests: Research on antibiotic resistance in bacteria isolated from bottlenose dolphins, fish, water and sediment, including the examination of mechanisms, abundance, distribution and possible approaches to reducing or eliminating these bacteria.

Yimo "Gabrielle" Yang, M.S.
Advisor: Dr. D. Jay Grimes
Graduated in 2017. Now working with Dr. Shuo Shen at the GCRL. Interests: microbiomics of elasmobranchs in the Gulf of Mexico.

Recent Graduates

Rachelle Williams, M.S., graduated in 2014 and is now at C Spire Wireless as a Consumer Solutions Advocate.

Tracy R. Berutti, M.S, graduated in December 2013, now a research assistant at Seachem Laboratories, Inc.

Josh Cook, M.S., graduated from USM and from the University of Georgia Vet School.

Hongwei Ma, Ph.D., graduated and producing wonderful research on molecular aspects of vision

Jeff Siegel, M.S., graduated and teaching at Jefferson Davis campus of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

Nicholas Noriea, III, Ph.D., graduated and now a post doc at NIH/NIAID in Hamilton, Montana.

Kimberly J. Griffitt, M.S., graduated and now a molecular technician at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, Mississippi.