2019 Graduate Student Symposium

The Graduate Student Symposium is an annual regional conference that is alternately hosted by the University of South Alabama, University of Southern Mississippi, and Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium. These meetings feature traditional 15-minute oral presentations and a poster session. The real hallmark of GSS is that the meeting is exclusively hosted by and attended by graduate students- a relaxed atmosphere to present research in preparation for larger state or national/international conferences that tend to be more intense and stress-inducing. While these three institutions alternate hosting the conference, GSS is open to any graduate student that wants to attend. In previous years, attendees ranged from universities scattered throughout Texas to Florida- any graduate student is welcome!

The upcoming 2019 Graduate Student Symposium will take place from March 8-10th and hosted by The University of Southern Mississippi - Gulf Coast Research Laboratory located in the delightful town of Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

The Symposium will be hosted at USM's new Marine Education Center located on the Cedar Point site (right next to the National Seashore!).

Attendee housing will be provided in student dormitories, and free shuttles will be available in the morning, noon, and evening to ferry attendees to and from the dormitories.

For more information and to register for the symposium see our symposium website below