After-School Marine Biologist

Bring a Buddy!

Do you know someone who likes science and the outdoors as much as you do?
Now they can sign up with you, and we will give you a two-for-one semester price!

Serious Science - No Homework!

Are You a Future Marine Biologist? Thinking about a career in science? Get a jump start at the Marine Education Center's new After School Marine Biologist program. Spend one afternoon a week immersed in a learning environment with the scientists, researchers, and educators of GCRL's Marine Education Center. Note that start and end times are different for each day.

Grades 4-6 / 2:45-4:45 p.m.

Grades 4-8 / 3:15-5:15 p.m.

Bus pick-up at your school may be possible for schools with six or more students participating in the program.

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This is NOT for couch potatoes. There will be hiking, kayaking, fishing, dissections, and chemistry. Children gain new skills and experiences that will last a lifetime. Once a week, participants embark on a field study excursion by hiking or boating or participate in a lab activity.

Sign up today for the spring semester — $300.

Tuition includes fees for boats, kayaks, bus transportation, program materials, field equipment, laboratory materials and specimens. An afternoon snack is provided; after all, they are going to need some energy!

Online Registration - You may register using this convenient web-based system.

Have Questions?

Call a marine education specialist at 228.818.8833 or email us at