GCRL Vehicles Reservation Calendars

Contact Dale Fremin via email at Dale.Fremin@usm.edu to reserve a GCRL vehicle. Include the inventory number of the vehicle and the date and time period for which you need the vehicle.

Some reservations may be tentative. If you see a conflict with a desired date, please contact Dale Fremin at 228.818.8044.

Click the inventory number to see a photo of the vehicle. Use your browser's back button to return to this page.

Inventory Number Description
1074 2004 1500 Quadcab
13401 2014 2500 Quadcab
13654 2016 Minivan
9787 2006 10-passenger van
10973 1998 10-passenger van
13227 2013 10-passenger van
9900 2007 Ford E45 Minibus (Must have CDL Class C licensed driver.)