Striped Bass Study

2012 Update

At the end of October, the Lyman Fish Hatchery will commence tagging and release of approximately 10,000 phase II striped bass (~6" in length).  GCRL researchers surgically implant acoustic transmitters into twenty of these hatchery fish. After a three-day recovery period, the fish will be released into the Biloxi River.  GCRL will manually track and locate tagged striped bass in the river utilizing acoustic telemetry techniques.  The data will help determine how seasonal changes in the river's physiochemical condition affect diel movement and habitat use by the fish, spatially and temporally.

In addition to this study, GCRL will surgically implant four large adult striped bass with acoustic transmitters that are simply too big and heavy for the phase II fish.  The researchers hope to gain a better understanding of how adult striped bass utilize the river, as well as identify upstream migrations which could be an indication of potential spawning activity. However, in order to do any of this, we will have to catch the adult fish.  Anglers interested in assisting in catching adult striped bass for this program in the Biloxi River during the fall of 2012 are urged to volunteer. 

Striped bass from Graveline Bayou, Mississippi
24" (~60 cm) Striped Bass from Graveline Bayou Striped bass with GCRL tracking tag

Report Your Striped Bass

Please report all striped bass you catch in Mississippi, whether they are tagged or not. Helpful information to report includes:  length, weight, tag number (if tagged), location the fish was caught, date, time of day, fishing method, bait type, fishing depth, and whether the fish was kept or released.  Please call Paul Mickle at (601)307-5591 or (228) 872-4275, or Jennifer Green at (228) 818-8820 to report striped bass information. 

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