Pelagic Sargassum as Essential Fisheries Habitat in the Northern Gulf of Mexico:
Utilization by Important Fisheries Species

Current Findings vs. Bortone* Study

  Current Research Bortone* Study
Years of Study 2000-2001 1971-1976
Life History Stages All No Larvae
No. Fish Families 55 15
No. Fish Species 90+ 40
Total Fish Collected 8,700+ 2,850+

Bortone et al.* did not report collecting

Spanish mackerel pompano dophin Florida pompano
any tunas any billfishes  

*Bortone, S. A., P. A. Hastings and S. B. Collard. 1977. The pelagic-Sargassum ichthyofauna of the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Northeast Gulf Science 1(2): 60-67.

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