Mark S. Peterson, Ph.D.

Research Interests

My research goal is to create and maintain a program that addresses issues centered around nekton (fish and decapods) resource ecology and also successfully trains graduate students. My research interests are broadly focused on habitat-use in nekton, with particular emphasis on factors affecting recruitment success in estuarine-dependent fishes and the tradeoffs made by nekton when living in different habitats. In that vein, I am particularly interested in the impacts of habitat alteration on recruitment and habitat use, the basic biology and ecology of invasive species and the impacts they have on native communities, and how alteration of watersheds influence essential fish habitat of resident and estuarine-dependent species. In my research, I have emphasized important ecological issues that have some applied aspects but which requires an approach founded in basic ecological theory and has good experimental design. Much of my research has this direction. Current research projects and particular research interests are described below.

Current Research

Particular Research Interests