Richard W. Heard

Richard W. Heard, Ph.D.

Professor - Head, Invertebrate Zoology Section,
Division of Coastal Sciences

(228) 872-4217

Gulf Coast Research Laboratory
703 East Beach Drive
Ocean Springs, MS 39564



Professional Experience

Synergistic Activities

Richard Heard has authored or co-authored more than160 publications dealing with marine invertebrates and fishes, including the descriptions of a new family, several new genera, and a variety of new species of stomatopods, mysids, cumaceans, tanaidaceans, isopods, amphipods, and decapods, and digenean and epicaridean parasites. Over the past 35 years he has been involved with the identification of invertebrates collected from the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) and Atlantic coasts of the southeastern United States in conjunction with several large regional studies conducted by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Mineral Management Service (MMS), National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (EMAP for Louisiana and West Indian Provinces). He has published or worked on the invertebrate fauna of Hawaii, Antarctica, Arctic Ocean, Central America, South America, Bermuda, and Caribbean Sea. Dr. Heard and his students have been involved in ecological studies and publications on sand beach, grass bed, and tidal march ecology, as well as, studies on the feeding habits of estuarine and marine fishes. He has also worked and published parasites of crustacea and on the life cycles of platyhelminth parasites, primarily digeneans.

Presentations at Scientific Meetings and Workshops

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Selected Abstracts

Graduate Student Committees       

Student Name Degree  Year
Linda McNeff (Research Advisor)* MS 1978 UA
Richard Sims (Chaired)  MS 1978 USA
Robert Reames (Chaired)  MS 1979 USA
Daniel Adkison (Research Advisor)             
MS 1982 UWF
Mike Dardeau (Chaired)
MS 1980 USA
Gwynne Stoner (Chaired)                          
MS 1988 USM
Sara LeCroy (Chaired) MS 1989 USM
Steven Spotte (Committee member) PhD 1988 USM
Carlos Olivero(Committee member)        PhD 1991 USM
Fernando Sanchez(Committee member)   1991 USM
Scott O'dee (Chaired) ** MS *** MS
Gabriele Meyer (Chaired)  MS 1992 USM
Carol Cleveland (Chaired) MS 1992 USM
Barbara Viscup (Committee member) MS 1995 USM
E. Blair (Committee member)  MS *** USM
Steve Brown(Committee member) PhD 1995 UM
Jim Bartlett (Committee member) MS *** UM
Mark Woodry (Committee member) PhD 1996 USM
Ken Matulewski (Chaired) MS 1996 USM
Laura Jackson (Chaired) MS 1996 USM
Jan Boyd (Chaired)          MS 1996 USM
Kathy Felder (Chaired) MS 1997 USM
Janet Cote (Co-Chaired) MS 1998 USM
Mike Abney (Committee member) MS 1998 USM
Christy Smedley (Committee member)  MS 2000 USM
Susan Pleurd (Committee member) PhD *** USM
Todd Randall (Committee member)  PhD *** UM
Charles Blend (Committee member)      
PhD 2001 USM
Tom Woodward (Committee member) MS 1998 USM
Erik Pederson (Committee member)  MS 2000 USM
Barbara Nickols (Chaired)    MS 2003 USM
Micha Bakenhaster (Chaired) 
MS 2004 USM (COA)
Sara Pelleteri (Chaired)  MS 2004 USM (COA)
Charles Blend (Committee member)     PhD 2001 USM
Steve Curran  (Committee member) PhD 2006 USM(COA)
Donna Drury (Committee member)  PhD 2003 USM (COA)
Ches Vervaeke  (Committee member)   MS 2003 USM(COA)
Ash Bullard (Committee member)   MS 2005 USM (COA)
David Drum (Committee member)  MS 2003 Nova U
Julianne Knight (Chaired) MS 2005 USM (COA)
Kristen Klebba (Committee member)  PhD 2006 Nova Univ.NE
Jana Thoma (Chaired)
MS 2006 USM (COA)
Brent Thoma (Chaired)   MS 2006 USM (COA)
John Foster (Chaired) PhD 2009 USM (COA)
Jerry McLelland (Chaired) PhD 2008 USM (COA)
Ash Bullard (Committee member)    MS 2007 USM (COA)
Kristen Klebba (Chaired) PhD 2009 USM (COA)
David Drumm (Chaired)  PhD 2009- USM (COA)
Josh Cook (Committee member) MS 2008 USM (COA)
Erik Rosch (Committee member)  MS --- Nova U
Michael Andres (Committee member) MS --- USM (COA)
Eric Pulus (Committee member)   PhD --- USM (COA)
Thomas Fayton (Chairing)  PhD --- USM (COA)
Leah Gaines    (Chairing)   MS --- USM (COA)

* Served as the thesis research adviser for Ms. McNeff, but was not on her official  committee, which could only be held by a University of Alabama faculty member.
** I served as the chairman and research adviser for Mr. Dardeau, Mr. R. Rimes, and Mr. R. Sims, while at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab. Upon leaving that institution in 1978, remained as thesis or research adviser, however, R. Beyers,(R. Sims) and R.  Ship (M. Dardeau & R. Rimes) assumed the chairmanship of committees.
*** Candidate did not complete degree, changed field of study, or is on leave of absence.

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Professional Organizations

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Patronym Taxonomic Group
Heardlevinseniella Yamaguti, 1972 Digenea
Levinseniella heardi Canaris, 1973                                         Digenea
Parvitaenia heardi Schmidt and Courtney, 1973 Cestoda
Probopyrinella heardi Adkison, 1975  Isopoda
Heteroleucon heardi Bacescu, 1979 Cumacea
Campylaspis heardi Muradian and Bacescu, 1979 Cumacea
Synalpheus heardi Dardeau, 1981 Decapoda
Dantya heardi Kornicker, 1986 Ostracoda
Neomegaphagus heardi Barnard and Thomas, 1987 Amphipoda
Nannosquilla heardi Manning and Camp, 1982 Stomatopoda
Anckracanthopis heardi Wong and Anderson, 1990 Nematoda
Sphaeromopsis heardi Kensley and Schotte, 1994 Isopoda
Colomastix heardi LeCroy, 1995    Amphipoda
Gymonophaloides heardi Ching, 1995 Digenea
Rudilemboides heardi Ortiz, 1996 Amphipoda
Lepidophthalmus heardi Felder and Manning, 1997 Decapoda
Calozodion heardi Gutu, 2003 Tanaidacea

Styloptocuma heardi Petrescu, 2002

Pseudoarthrura heardi Larsen, 2005 Tanaidacea
Carpoapseudes heardi Hansknecht and Dos Santos, 2007 Tanaidacea


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