Tami M. Wells

Tami Maureen Wells
133 Lake Front Drive # 1003
Daphne, Alabama






2003 - Present Graduate/Research Assistant, The University of Southern Mississippi
(USM), GulfCoast Research Laboratory ? Gulf Coast Geospatial Center,
Research Assistant under the direction of Dr. Gregory A. Carter.
Assisting in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
research in coastal environments.

2002 ? 2003 Graduate/Research Assistant, USMGulfCoast Research Laboratory ?
Botany Laboratory, Research Assistant under the direction of Dr. Cynthia
Moncreiff. Assisting in Coastal Impact Assistance Program (CIAP)
funded greenhouse pilot project and standard environmental laboratory
procedures for chlorophyll a analysis. Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) field
collections and beach monitoring water analysis.

2001 - 2002 Horticulturist ? Seasons Nursery, Ocean Springs, MS
Horticultural consulting, landscape construction, design and maintenance.

2000 ? 2001 Senior Horticulturist and Research Coordinator, C-K Associates, Inc. ? Construction and development of wholesale growing facility for production of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)/ Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) certified wetland plant material used in mitigation and restoration projects. Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliance, preparation of restoration and mitigation proposals, organization and management of nursery staff, federal and state restoration projects such as Coastal Wetland Planning, Protection and Restoration Act (CWPPRA) and Coastal Impact Assistance Program (CIAP), LA State Parks and Recreation timber stand improvement (TSI) contactor.


Graduate Student, Coastal Science, The University of Southern Mississippi, 2002-Present
Graduate Student, Agronomy, Louisiana State University (LSU), 2001
Undergraduate, Environmental Science?Conservation, LSU, 2000-2001
Bachelor of Science, Plant and Soil Systems, LSU, 1997
Undergraduate, Horticulture, Southeastern Louisiana University, 1994-1996
Undergraduate, Kinesiology/Computer Science, Tulane University, 1977-1982


Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and GIS Mapping of Non-Indigenous Aquatic Plant Species in Northern Mobile Bay, Alabama


Plant Biodiversity and Ecosystem Modeling of Mobile Bay Watershed


Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) ? 40 hrs.
LA Horticulturist # 0692
LA Landscape Contractor # 1094
LA Dept. of Agriculture Ground Commercial Applicator # CA01-821
General Forestry ? Category 2A
Ornamental and Turf ? Category 3
Aquatics ? Category 5A
Forest Trees, Seeds, Orchards and Nurseries ? Category 2B
LA Dept. of Agriculture Worker Protection Safety (WPS) Trainer #TR04-80
MS Bureau of Plant Industry License Certification
Control of Orchard Pests ? Category 5
Aquatic Weed Control ? Category B
Forest and Right-of-Way Weed Control ? Category C
Ornamental and Turf Weed Control ? Category D
Landscape Gardening
ArcGIS I -16 hrs.
ArcGIS II ? 24 hrs.
Exploring ENVI ? 40 hrs.
National Vegetation Classification (NVC) using R Statistics (open source version of S- Plus) Workshop, Ecological Society of America Meeting, Savannah, GA, August 3-8, 2003
National Coastal Data Development Center (NCDDC) Metadata Training
FEMA HAZUS ? MH Earthquake Wind and Flood Damage Assessment Training
Ecological Society of America (ESA) Panel on Vegetation Classification, Introduction to
VegBank Workshop, Certified User Status, Portland, OR, July 31 ? August 1, 2004
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Application of Water Level
and Geodetic Datum Information to Coastal Zone Management (16 hrs.) Certification,
Biloxi, MS, August 25-26, 2004


1977-79 Tulane University/Newcomb College Athletic LAIAW Scholarship
1995 National Dean?s List ? Southeastern Louisiana University 02024-32-4248
1996 National Dean?s List ? Southeastern Louisiana University 02024-32-2070
1997 Richard P. Hernandez Agricultural Scholarship ? Louisiana State University
2002-03 Gulf Coast Research Laboratory ? Stipend ? University of Southern Mississippi
2003-04 Gulf Coast Geospatial Center - Stipend ? University of Southern Mississippi
2004 Honorary Mention ? Mississippi Academy of Sciences ? 68 th Annual Meeting
Division of Agriculture and Plant Sciences ? Oral Presentations


Ducks Unlimited, Inc.
Botany Society of America
Ecological Society of America
The Oceanography Society
Alliance of Marine Remote Sensing
Coastal Conservation Association
Mississippi Academy of Sciences
Louisiana Pesticide Applicators Association
Association of State Wetland Managers
The Nature Conservancy
National Association for Female Executives


Moncreiff, C., J. Caldwell, T. Wells, and D. Nelson. 2003. Harmful algal blooms in
coastal Mississippi and north central Gulf of Mexico waters: potential causes and
concerns. Abstracts of Gulf Estuarine Research Society (GERS) 2003 Conference,
Corpus Christi, TX.

Moncreiff, C., J. Caldwell, T. Wells, D. Nelson and B. Blackburn. 2003. Phytoplankton
population dynamics and water quality in Mississippi?s coastal estuaries and streams:
are harmful algal bloom events increasing? Abstracts of Estuarine Research
Foundation (ERF) 2003 Conference, September 14-18, 2003, Seattle, WA.

Wells, T., G. Carter, C. Moncreiff, and J. Caldwell. 2003. Assessing aboveground
primary productivity in Mississippi gulf coast tidal marshes by remote sensing.
Abstracts of Botany 2003 Conference, July 26-31, 2003, Mobile, AL. Abstract
Number 171.

Wells, T., G. Carter, D. Lewis, and J. Jernigan. 2003. Hyperspectral remote sensing of
wetland plant biodiversity in northern Mobile Bay. Abstracts of the 1 st Annual Gulf
Coast Geospatial Conference, October 14-18, 2003, Biloxi, MS, p.8.

Wells, T.and G. Carter. 2004. Hyperspectral remote sensing of indigenous and non-indigenous
aquatic plant species in Mobile Bay, Alabama. Abstracts of the Marine
Ecology Graduate Student Association (MEGSA) Graduate Student Symposium,
January 31, 2004, Ocean Springs, MS.

Wells, T., G. Carter, M. Peterson, and J. Jernigan. 2004. Hyperspectral remote sensing
of native and invasive wetland plant species in northern Mobile Bay. Abstracts of the
21 st Annual Alabama Fisheries Association Conference, February 16-18, 2004, Gulf
Shores, AL, Session 8.

Wells, T., and G. Carter. 2004. Hyperspectral remote sensing of invasive wetland plants.
Abstracts of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences, 68 th Annual Meeting, February 19-20,2004,
Biloxi, MS, p. 18.

Carter, G., T. Wells, D. Lewis. 2004. Hyperspectral remote sensing of invasive wetland
plants in northern Mobile Bay. Abstracts of the Association of American Geographers,
100 th Annual Meeting, March 14-19,2004, Philadelphia, PA.

Wells, T., and G. Carter. 2004. Hyperspectral remote sensing of non-indigenous wetland
plants in Spanish Fort, Alabama. Abstracts of the Ecological Society of America, 89 th
Annual Meeting, August 1-6, 2004, Portland, OR, Session 65.

Wells, T., G. Carter, J. Jernigan and D. Lewis. 2004. Detection and monitoring of invasive aquatic plants using hyperspectral remote sensing. Abstracts of the MidSouth Aquatic Plant Management Society, 23rd Annual Meeting, October 4-6, 2004, Mobile, AL, Session 4.

Carter, G., T. Wells and D. Lewis. 2004. Delineating populations of non-indigenous aquatic plants in Mobile Bay using hyperspectral imagery. Abstracts of the 2nd Annual Gulf Coast Geospatial Conference, October 18-22, 2004, Biloxi, MS.

Johnson, C., D. Runnels, G. Morris, G. Carter and T. Wells. 2004. 3D visualization tools for hyperspectral remote sensing data . Abstracts of the 2nd Annual Gulf Coast Geospatial Conference, October 18-22, 2004, Biloxi, MS.


Coastal Grass Nursery, LLC ? Management and Development of Wetland Plant Nursery
? Denham Springs, LA ? October 2001 ? September 2002 ? C-K Associates.

LA State Parks and Recreation ? Suppression of Tridica sebifera, Chinese Tallow,
Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) and Bottomland Hardwood Swamp (BLH)
Restoration ? Project Manager/USDA Licensed Contractor for C-K Associates, Inc. ?
Environmental Engineering Company, Baton Rouge, LA ? Lake Fausse ? St.
Martinville, LA ? October 2000 ? March 2001 ? C-K Associates.

LA Department of Transportation ? Highway 1 Corridor ? Wetland Delineation ?
Jefferson and LaFourche Parishes ? November 2000 ? C-K Associates.

Exxon ? Mobile Pipeline Right-of-Way (ROW) Mitigation Proposal ? Jefferson ?
Lafourche ? St.Mary ? Orleans Parishes ? March 2001 ? C-K Associates.

Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (MRGO) Beneficial Use of Dredge Material Mitigation
Plan ? Mustang Engineering ? April 2001.

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program (EMAP) ? Joint Gulf States
Comprehensive Monitoring Program/National Coastal Assessment ? Project Manager
David Barnes ? MDEQ, Office of Pollution Control, Water Quality Assessment
Branch, Jackson, MS - August 2002-04.

Graduate Research ? Germination of Juncus roemerianus ? Special Topic ? May ? July

Red Tide Project (MS.R.14) Coastal Impact Assistance Program (CIAP) Harmful Algal
Bloom Monitoring for Mississippi?s Oyster Reefs ? MDEQ, MDMR, May 2002 ?
May 2003 ? Cynthia Moncreiff PhD.

Greenhouse Project (M.S.R. 27) CIAP Greenhouse Facility for Regional Native Plant
Nursery for Habitat Restoration ? MDEQ, MDMR, City of Biloxi, MS, City of
Gulfport, MS, Beauvoir, MS, Biloxi Port Commission ? May 2002 - May 2003 ?
Cynthia Moncreiff PhD.

Graduate Research ? Assessing Aboveground Primary Productivity in Gulf Coast Tidal
Marshes Using Remote Sensing Technology ? Graveline Marsh, MS, July, 2003.

Graduate Research ? Hyperspectral Imagery Acquisition in Collaboration with Institute
for Technology and Development, Stennis Space Center, VNIR 10E Sensor ?
Spanish Fort, Alabama ? September 2003 ? present ? David Lewis PhD.

Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve (GBNERR) Hyperspectral Remote
Sensing Collaboration ? Project Managers ? David Rupple PhD and Mark Woodrey
PhD. ? October 2003.

Gulf Coast Geospatial Center ? HyVista Corp. ? Hyperspectral Imagery Acquisition ?
Horn and Ship Islands, Mississippi ? October 2003.

United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) Sandhill Crane National Wildlife
Reserve ? GIS and Remote Sensing Vegetation Classification and Fuel Model ?
Project Managers ? John Wiley and Gregory Carter PhD.

USM High Performance Visualization Center HPCVI FY2005 ? 3D Visualization of
Hyperspectral Remote Sensing ? Project Manager ? Conrad Johnson.

Graduate Research ? Plant Biodiversity and Ecosystem Modeling of Mobile Bay
Watershed ? Ongoing research.

Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence COSEE, Central Gulf of Mexico,
Scientist / Teacher Workshop ? Marine Education Center and Scott Aquarium ?
Biloxi, Mississippi June 20-25, 2005- Sharon Walker PhD ? Sheila Brown PhD.

USM Gulf Coast Geospatial Center ? Instuctor GPS Training ? GCRL Spring - Summer
2004 ? William Hawkins PhD.