Dissertations Completed at the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory


Grammer, Paul
Cohort growth dynamics of the bay anchovy, Anchoa mitchilli, in the northern Gulf of Mexico. M.S. Thesis. Major Professor: Bruce Comyns

Guynn, Kimberly Claire
A review of mercury in fishes with a detailed treatment of mercury in the Patagonian toothfish, Dissostichus eleginoides Smitt 1898, among three distinct ocean basins. M.S. Thesis. Major Professor: Mark Peterson

Ferguson, Heather Joy
Comparison of subtidal and intertidal macrobenthic communities between created and natural marshes in the Davis Bayou, Mississippi. M.S. Thesis. Advisor: Chet Rakocinski

Drumm, David Thomas
Systematic revision of the Kalliapseudidae (Crustacea : Peracarida : Tanaidacea) and the population genetic structure and phylogeography of a species along the southeastern and gulf coasts of North America. Ph.D. Dissertation. Major Professor: Richard W. Heard.

White, Kristine Nicolle
Development of representative species-level molecular markers and morphological character analysis of leucothoid amphipods (Crustacea : Amphipoda). Ph.D. Dissertation. Major Professor: Richard Heard


Li, Shuzhao
Bridging functional genomics and toxicogenomics through DNA microarrays in a fish model. Ph.D. Dissertation; Advisor: Marius Brouwer

Masson, Ignacio
Experimental population dynamics of Amyloodinium ocellatum in the spotted seatrout Cynoscion nebulosus and the red snapper Lutjanus campechanus. Ph.D. Dissertation. Major professor: Jeffrey Lotz (with Reg Blaylock).

Sanchez Rubio, Guillermo H.
Oceanic-atmospheric modes of variability and the effect on river flow and blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) abundance in the northcentral Gulf of Mexico. Ph.D. Dissertation. Major Professor:  Harriet Perry

Sharp, Natasha
Bacterial cell wall components affect hemocyte composition and gene expression in Callinectes sapidus: an insight into effectors of immune function. Ph.D. Dissertation. Major Professor:  Marius Brouwer


Foster, John M.
Review of Polycheria, a symbiotic group of amphipods: ecology, distribution, and taxonomy. Ph.D. Dissertation, Major Professor: Richard Heard

Li, Tiandao
Gene expression profiles as molecular indicators of dissolved oxygen stress in grass shrimp Palaemonetes pugio Holthuis 1949. Ph.D. Dissertation. Marius Brouwer

Lucas, Kelly Lynn
Evaluating vascular plant composition and species richness on Horn Island, Mississippi, using passive and active remote sensing in conjunction with ground based measurements. Ph.D. Dissertation. Research Advisors: William Hawkins and Greg Carter

Ma, Hongwei
Yellow head virus (YHV): transmission and genome analysis. Ph.D. Dissertation, Major Professor: Robin M. Overstreet

McLelland, Jerry
A systematic and taxonomic review of the family Pseudotanaidae (Crustacea: Peracardia: Tanaidacea) based primarily on morphometric cladistic analysis. Ph.D. Dissertation. Major Professor: Richard Heard


Bullard, Jr., Stephen Ashton
Ecology and evolution of fish blood flukes (Digenea: Aporocotylidae. Ph.D. Dissertation. Major Professor: Robin M. Overstreet

Cook, Melissa
Population dynamics, structure and per-recruit analyses of yellowedge grouper, Epinephelus flavolimbatus, from the northern Gulf of Mexico. Ph.D. Dissertation. Major Professor: Bruce Comyns


Curran, Stephen Socrates
Taxonomy and systematics of some freshwater and coastal trematodes from fishes on the Atlantic rim. Ph.D. Dissertation. Major Professor: Robin M. Overstreet

Lemus, Jason Thomas
The effect of copepod density on cannibalism, survival, development rate and egg production and the implications for population growth rate and demographic of Acartia tonsa Dana. Ph.D. Dissertation. Major Professor: Jeffrey Lotz

Vincent, Amanda Grey
Experimental infection of necrotizing hepatopancreatitis bacterium (NHPB) in Kona stock Litopenaeus vannamei (Pacific white shrimp). Ph.D. Dissertation. Major Professor: Jeffrey Lotz


Kuhl, Adam
The effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals on sex differentiation in Japanese medaka (Oryzias latipes) and the role of brain aromatase. Ph.D. Dissertation. Major Professor: Marius Brouwer

McCall, Robin Karlheinz
The importance of seagrass epiphytes in Big Lagoon, Florida, with emphasis on the diatoms (Bacillariophyceae). Ph.D. Dissertation


Drury, Donna Marie
Effects of grass shrimp (Palaemonetes spp.) density manipulations and nutrient enrichment on widgeongrass (Ruppia maritima) condition, epiphyte load, and epiphyte functional groups. Ph.D. Dissertation. Major Professor: Chet Rakocinski


Hoffmayer, Eric R.
Physiological ecology of the Atlantic sharpnose shark, Rhizoprionodon terraenovae, in the northern Gulf of Mexico: Stress response and energetics: University of Mississippi. Ph.D. Dissertation


Blend, Charles Kenneth
Life history information on some strigeoids parasitizing pond-raised catfish: A synergism of morphology and molecules . Ph.D. Dissertation. Major Professor: Robin M. Overstreet

Fulling, Gregory L.
Plankton patchiness and the associated distribution and growth of larval anchovies: an estuarine landscape perspective. Ph.D. Dissertation. Major Professor: Mark Peterson

Geter, David Roy
Detoxification and mutagenic response in medaka (Oryzias latipes) exposed to MX, a drinking water carcinogen. University of Southern Mississippi. Dissertation. Ph.D. Dissertation. Major Professor: William Hawkins

Soto, M. Andres
Epidemiology of white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) and Taura syndrome virus (TSV) in some penaeid shrimps.” Ph.D. Dissertation. Major Professor: Jeff Lotz


Comyns, Bruce Henry
Growth and mortality of fish larvae in the northcentral Gulf of Mexico and implication to recruitment. Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College. Ph.D. Dissertation. GCRL


Tirado, M. Cristina
Maturation diets for the marine shrimp Penaeus vannamei Boone: Role of polychaetes in broodstock reproductive performance. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University. Ph.D. Dissertation. Research Advisor: Jeffrey Lotz.


Ortego, Lisa Smiley
Cellular proliferation as a toxicological response in aquatic organisms: University of Mississippi. Ph.D. Dissertation. Advisors: William Hawkins and William Walker


LeBlanc, Brian
Effects of chemical and physical agents on the infectivity of Baculovirus penaei: Auburn University. Ph.D. Dissertation. Major Professor: Robin M. Overstreet. (Gunter Library does not own)

Oliveira, Marcos Fabio Teixeira de
Histopathological biomarkers in estuarine and marine fishes (estuarine fishes, Opsanus beta, Arius felis, Cyprinodon variegatus). Ph.D. Dissertation. (not owned by Gunter Library)

Vogelbein, Wolfgang K.
The morphology, development, and function of experimentally induced macrophage aggregates in Rivulus marmoratus: Louisiana State University; 1991. Ph.D. Dissertation. Major Professor: Robin M. Overstreet. (Gunter Library does not own)


Erdman, Robert Bruce
Reproductive ecology and distribution of deep-sea crabs (Family Geryonidae) from southeast Florida and the eastern Gulf of Mexico. University of South Florida. GCRL. Ph.D. Dissertation.


Peterson, Mark Stephen
Ecological and physiological factors affecting the assembly of littoral fish communities along an environmental gradient (Mississippi). Ph.D. Dissertation.


Mattis, Tom Edwin
Development of two tetrarhynchidean cestodes from the northern Gulf of Mexico. Ph.D. Dissertation. not owned. Advisor: Robin M. Overstreet


Falls, William Wayne
Food habits and feeding selectivity of larvae of the striped bass Morone saxatillis (Walbum) (Osteichthyes: Percichthyidae) under intensive culture conditions. Ph.D. Dissertation. McIlwain on committee. Advisor: Edwain Cake

Weber, Wayne C.
A comparison of mainland and island pine-forest bird communities in coastal Mississippi. Mississippi State University. Ph.D. Dissertation. GCRL. Advisor: Gordon Gunter


Steen, John P., Jr.
Spatial and temporal distribution of zooplankton in a low salinity Mississippi bayou system. Ph.D. Dissertation.


Brown, Shelia Alva
A comparative ecological study of the seasonal variation in the interstitial fauna of five Lake Pontchartrain beaches. Not owned. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Chestnut, Alfred P.
Distribution, population dynamics, and reproductive biology of the burrowing clam, Diplothyra smithii Tryon. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Deardorff, Thomas L.
Adult ascaridoid nematodes from fishes of the northern Gulf of Mexico with notes on some larval forms. Ph.D. Dissertation. Advisor:  Robin M. Overstreet

McGraw, Katherine Annette
Growth and survival of hatchery-reared and wild seed oysters in Mississippi Sound and adjacent waters. University of Washington. Ph.D. Dissertation. GCRL. Advisor: Edwin Cake

Solangi, Mobashir A.
Histopathological changes in two estuarine fishes exposed to crude oil and its water-soluble fractions. Ph.D. Dissertation


Modde, Timothy Charles
Characterization of the ichthyofauna occupying the surf zone of a northern Gulf Coast barrier island. Ph.D. Dissertation. (not owned)


Brooks, Daniel Rusk
Evolutionary history of digenetic trematodes infecting crocodilians, including revision of Acanthostominae Poche, 1926 (Digenea: Cryptogonimidae). University of Mississippi. Ph.D. Dissertation. GCRL. Major Professor: Robin M. Overstreet

McIlwain, Thomas D.
An analysis of salt water angling in Biloxi Bay, 1972-1974. Ph.D. Dissertation. Advisor: Gordon Gunter


Heard, Richard Willis, Jr.
Microphallid trematode metacercariae in fiddler crabs of the genus Uca Leach, 1814 from the northern Gulf of Mexico. Ph.D. dissertation. Not owned. Advisor: Robin M. Overstreet


Funicelli, Nicholas Anthony
Taxonomy, Feeding, Limiting Factors and Sex Ratios of Dasyatis sabina, Dasyatis americana, Dasyatis sayi and Narcine brasiliensis. Ph.D. Dissertation.


Eleuterius, Lionel N.
An autecological study of Juncus roemerianus. Mississippi State University. Ph.D. Dissertation. GCRL


Hawkins, William Ellis
A light and electron microscopic study of the cardiac ganglion of the Blue Crab Callinectes Sapidus (Rathbun) . University of Mississippi Medical School. Ph.D Dissertation. Advisor: Harold Howse


Harvey, Edward Joseph, Sr.
A histological and morphological description of the embryonic renal system of the hardhead catfish, Galeichthys felis (Linnaeus), with ecological notes. Ph.D. Dissertation. Advisor: Harold Howse

Mir, Ghulam Nabi
Pharmacological investigation of some poisonous and venemous marine animals of the Gulf of Mexico. University of Mississippi. Ph.D. Dissertation. GCRL. Advisor: Gordon Gunter

Phillips, Philip Julian
The pelagic Cnidaria of the Gulf of Mexico: zoogeography, ecology and systematics. Texas A&M University. Ph.D. Dissertation. GCRL


Acosta , Danny J.
The copepods south of Dog Keys Pass: their abundance, distribution, seasonal variation, temperature and salinity tolerances. Ph.D. Dissertation. Advisors: AG Fish, JF Walker

Russell, Donald Reid
Myxomycetes of Mississippi. University of Mississippi. Ph.D Dissertation. GCRL. (not owned by Gunter Library)


Subrahmanyam, Chebioum B.
The relative abundance and distribution of penaeid shrimp larvae off the Mississippi Coast. Mississippi State University. Ph.D. Dissertation. GCRL. Advisor: Gordon Gunter


Mulkana, Mohammed Saeed
Seasonal changes in the nutritional components of the standing plankton biomass in Mississippi Sound. Mississippi State University. Ph.D. Dissertation. GCRL. Advisors: Gordon Gunter and Walter Abbott


Ballard, Buena Street
Osmotic accommodation in Callinectes sapidus Rathbun. Mississippi State University. Ph.D. Dissertation; GCRL; Advisor: Gordon Gunter

Howse, Harold D.
A comparative electron microscopic and histochemical study of myocardial cell surface coatings. Tulane University. Ph.D. Dissertation. GCRL. 60 text-figures. Advisor: Gordon Gunter


Roberts, Noble L.
Morphology and histology of the stomach of the white shrimp Penaeus fluviatilis (Say, 1817). Ph.D. Dissertation. Advisor: Gordon Gunter

Whatley, Edward Caldwell, Sr.
A study on Syngnathus scovelli in fresh waters of Louisiana and salt waters of Mississippi. Mississippi State University. Ph.D. Dissertation. GCRL. Advisor: Gordon Gunter