Beach Monitoring Program

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Since the summer of 1997, the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory has worked with the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to assess the water quality of the bathing beaches of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The program is now a year-round operation to monitor bacterial water quality.

Samples are collected from eighteen coastal stations from the Mississippi-Louisiana state line to the Mississippi-Alabama state line. The water is tested for fecal coliform, Eschericia coli, and enterococci. The Mississippi DEQ and the Mississippi Beach Monitoring Task Force use the data to manage beach water quality issues. (GCRL provides field and analytical support only. GCRL is not associated with management decisions regarding beach closure.)

Sampling Frequency

Summer: March through October - samples taken four to five days per week, approximately 140 samples per month.

Winter: November through February - samples are taken two to four days per week, with approximately 100 samples per month.