American Fisheries Society
Southern Miss Student Subunit

American Fisheries Society

History and Mission

The University of Southern Mississippi Student Subunit (USMAFS) was founded in 2010 under the auspices of the Mississippi Chapter and the American Fisheries Society (AFS). The goals of the subunit are:

USM AFS promotes collaboration with practicing fisheries scientists through guest lectures, meetings, and other activities. USM AFS also works with local groups such as the Mississippi Coastal Conservation Association on public outreach events.

Why join AFS?

AFS is a nationally recognized professional organization and being a member allows you to become involved with other fisheries professionals. AFS provides a variety of networking and collaborating opportunities among scientists including regular meetings, access to journal publications, and funding opportunities.

How do I join?

Talk to one of the subunit officers or visit the AFS website ( for more information. Yearly dues are $20.00 for students, which includes access to a variety of online publications and a subscription to Fisheries magazine. 

Contact Information

The USM Subunit of the American Fisheries Society
C/O Morgan Corey
703 East Beach Drive
Ocean Springs, MS 39564


Morgan Corey - President
Grant Adams - Vice President
Page Vick - Secretary
Trevor Moncrief - Treasurer
Dr. Frank Hernandez - Faculty Advisor

Past Officers


Ginger Fleer - President
Page Vick - Vice President
Kaitlin Doucette - Secretary
John Ransom - Treasurer
Dr. Frank Hernandez - Faculty Advisor


Jeremy Higgs - President
Mike Andres - Vice President
Leah Gaines - Secretary
John Ransom - Treasurer
Dr. Frank Hernandez - Faculty Advisor


Kelsey Burns - President
Claire Matten - Vice President
Stephanie Taylor - Secretary
Keith Cuevas - Treasurer
Dr. Mark Peterson - Faculty Advisor


Zachary Olsen - President 
Kelsey Burns - Vice President
Carly Somerset - Secretary 
Claire Matten - Treasurer
Dr. Mark Peterson - Faculty Advisor


Michael Lowe - President
John Francis/Charlie Foster - Vice President
Rachel Brewton - Secretary
Allison Odom - Treasurer
Dr. Eric Hoffmayer - Faculty Advisor

Travel Awards

USM-AFS travel awards provide partial travel support for active sub-unit members in good standing that are presenting research results at domestic and international professional meetings.
Details and application form